A booking at Alderney Science Park, Cheshire to photograph Medusa19’s Richard Hughes and Christian Stephenson. The company was set up by Boohoo founder shareholders Hughes and Mahmud Kamani  to help combat the spread of Covid-19.
Medusa Covid 19 corona virus test

Medusa 19 is behind the Rapid Saliva Protein Test (RSPT), which provides on the spot results within ten minutes by measuring the presence of Covid19.

They have said the test is scalable with manufacturing capability of up to 100 million tests per month, and are currently working to develop an app which will act as a digital passport to verify and validate RSPT results, known as the Saturn Pass.  Christian Stephenson, chief development officer at Medusa 19 has said that the testing for infection is pivotal to navigating the pandemic.

Boohoo founder shareholders covid test Medusa19 corona virus test

The company, which was set up earlier this year, said the Rapid Saliva Protein Test is a significant breakthrough for the testing market.

It is less intrusive than a blood sample, nasal or throat swab, it was developed in the UK and Spain – the test indicates an immune response to current or recent infection, so alerts users if they should immediately self-isolate to stop the spread of the disease.  Independent clinical trials have produced 94% accuracy, and the firm said it was capable of making up to 100m tests per month.

Boohoo founder shareholders covid test Medusa19 corona virus test

The Medusa 19 team has worked with extraordinary dedication to produce this unique test in a matter of months, alongside the necessary infrastructure and fulfilment capability and they are delighted with the clinical results.

medusa 19 covid test kit
The test could be a lifeline for businesses struggling to safely reopen, and we are working tirelessly to seek approval for use for the general public too, said Andy White MD at Medusa 19.
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