We went to photograph former Manchester United manager David Moyes talk management at the Etihad Stadium just before Christmas.

Former Manchester United manager, David moyes delivers a talk to business leaders. Moyes makes return to Manchester City

Former Manchester United Football Club David Moyes talks management

League Managers Association

The League Managers Association works with commercial partners to offer a credible engagement with a key stakeholder within the game to increase business knowledge, skills and productivity framed through football and football management. They run bespoke packages utilising a broad spectrum of assets and marketing rights to satisfy overarching brand ambitions. There’s clearly a big attraction for businesses in chatting about similarities in high pressure leadership.

Manchester City

Football manager meets business leaders at football stadium. Moyes makes return to Manchester City.

The Event took place at MCFC’s whopping big Etihad stadium.  The work the LMA does with its members to enhance their leadership and management skills are directly transferable to the corporate marketplace. The LMA has developed unique and compelling Leadership programmes with partners utilising rights across a broad spectrum.  The LMA offers a direct route into the heart of football and its key decision makers–the managers. The LMA works in partnership with brands wanting to showcase a credible and mutually beneficial engagement with the LMA membership.


Moyes makes return to Manchester City Football Club.

Moyes’ talk came just weeks before Manchester United lost yet another manager- with Mourinho getting the sack in December 2018 after a run of results that now makes Moyes’ tenure look altogether different. We’d been to see Moyes for a few different corporate photography jobs at Carrington when he was in post there, and it was interesting to hear him reflect on that period.

Tunnel Club

Business leaders visit Manchester City's Tunnel Club. Moyes makes return to Manchester City.

The lavish world of modern football’s corporate hospitality.

We did the usual array of corporate event photography, and managed to get our first look inside City’s new Tunnel Club. This is a big new departure in corporate hospitality at football. The lounges themselves are stunning and very lavish. You get the big novelty of watching the players entering the pitch, as well as top-notch food and drink – a far cry from our days going to Maine Road.

Business leaders pose for a photography in a football stadium. Moyes makes return to Manchester City.

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