Website staff photographs looking a bit out of date, company group shots not current? With restrictions lifting very soon fingers crossed – now is the time to get fresh new images of existing staff and new recruits for your website, promotional material and social media accounts.

Freelance team portraits for business in Manchester business photographer UK

Looking for new starter headshot photography Manchester? We have experience in shooting all types of portraits, from formal corporate to relaxed creative shots. For all types of businesses from finance, PR and legal to construction and new startups. We can photograph any number of staff from one person to 100’s. From visiting one office to all your regional offices throughout the country- we can cover it.

Headshot staff manchester

Colour backdrops or natural or both – it’s up to you. We can match existing company styles or give you a new one!

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We come to your location with lighting and backdrops, this causes minimum disruption and is super efficient at capturing everyone -we can whizz through up to 10 portraits an hour.
From formal shots to relaxed pics, we can do it all. No restriction on the number of files sent and super fast turnaround!

New starter headshot photography Manchester

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New starter headshot photography Manchester

Manchester headshot photography guide

Corporate portraits – guidelines for organisers

We can shoot to your corporate style guide, if you have one. If not we can shoot (a) in the context of your business – with a soft focus background lending some element of your story – or (b) we can bring in a backdrop to match any colour you want / match brand guidelines. See below. Do you want corporate logo in shot? If so can it be positioned to same height as subject? Always worth a quick chat in advance so as to make the most of your time.

Room requirements

In an ideal world the room would be at least 12 ft long and 10 ft wide in order to accommodate the backdrop roll and the lighting stands, as per the set-up below. Ideally the room would have a high-ceiling in order to get the lights above the subject.

Smaller spaces can work, especially where it’s strictly head & shoulder shots. The better the room though the better the portraits.It’s critical that subjects aren’t overlooked by colleagues, in order that they are at ease and feel comfortable.

Post Production

We always supply a wide selection of images for you / the subject to choose from. We generally shoot both landscape and portrait shape so as to match any media. We don’t airbrush skin, etc unless specifically requested, and at a fee, but we do use the highest quality equipment, that brings out the very best in subjects.

Guidelines for subjects

There’s no golden rule as to what to wear and what not to wear. However, there are some things you may wish to think about as part of your company’s identity and how this shoot fits with past / future photography and a consistent presentation:

  • Do you want everyone consistent – i.e. in jackets, with ties, etc?
  • Do you want a casual or business attire look? Or both to match different audiences / tenders, etc.
  • Simple is always best – neutral clothing with a dash of colour is always good. If you’ve requested a plain white background then please try to avoid plain white shirts, etc.
  • Subjects are welcome to bring a change of outfit where time allows.

We hope this helps. The guide is simply to help give you and your team the very best experience, and images that they’re proud to represent them…without disruption to the working day.

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